"I have been a client at Nairobi Eye Associates since 2008. The eyes are important part of the body and so proper and due care cannot be emphasized enough. Ther services from all your staff from Secretary to the Ophthalmologists has been first class and would like to compliment you for the work you do while at athe same time recommend you to everyone who needs eye care check up. The rates they charge their patients are quite fair and their quality products(spectacles) are reasonably price. The follow up appointments with your eye specialists are always on time unlike in many other institutions. I believe they will continue to uphold the standards i have seen and known in the role they play as a preferred eye specialists"   Denise Mutiso

"Nairobi Eye Associates offer specialized eye care and treatment using the latest medical equipments/technology. They also stock designer frames; it is a one stop shop. My experince with the specialists has been awesome, you get quality services ,  they make follow-up to patients through reviews, in simple terms you get value for your money. I would recommend anyone anyday to seek their services be it normal eye check up, treatment and prescription for spectacles, laser treatment etc" Ibrahim Njoroge 

Nairobi Eye is a phenomenal eye medical centre with latest optical technologies. I also appreciate the fact that i got the glasses and surgical procedure all in one place. I did not have to look else where" Mary Ngigi