Apart from our individual clients, we are now proud to be associated with major Companies, NGO's and Governmental Institutions. Some of our Clients are:

1.SOS International

2.Meridian Medical Centre.

3.Avenue Healthcare limited.

4.Equity Bank Limited.

5.UAP Insurance Company Limited

6.AAR Insurance.

7.General Accident Insurance.

8.British American Insurance.

9.Liaison Group Insurance Brokers.

10.Clackson Notcutt Insurance Brokers.

11.Roberts Insurance Brokers.

12.Jubilee Insurance Limited.

13.Real Insurance.

14.Pioneer Insurance.

15.Pacific Insurance.

16.Aonminet Insurance.

17.Kenindia Assurance.

18.First Assurance.

19.KPLC Insurance

20.MTN insurance

21.Pacis Insurance

22.Madison Insurance

23.CIC Insurance

24.Eagle Africa

25.Equatorial Commercial Bank

26.Telkom Kenya

27. Saham Insurance

28. KenGen

29. Trident Insurance

30. APA Insurance


We remain committed to providing quality services and therefore our Clientele base will just but continue to grow.